About the Language School in Lovech (BG)
"Exarch Josef I"

Lovech Ezikovata - 16. April 2004
Language School in Lovech on April 16, 2004.


This website is related to the Language School in Lovech / Bulgaria (successor of the American School, founded in 1881 by Rev. D. C. Challis). It should help alumni, current students and teachers to learn more about past and current matriculation and to revive the contacts with each other.

Currently German, English and French are taught at the Language School Lovech. However, in order to reduce the effort, this site will be published in Bulgarian - our common language, no matter where we are all over the world.

In case that you have a personal relation to the Language School Lovech, I'll be glad if you'd send me a few lines by e-mail.

With kind regards,
Emil Stefanov / graduation year '82


Remark: If not stated otherwise and if related to the Language School Lovech, your e-mails will be published completely, including the e-mail address of the sender, for documenting the source of information and to stimulate direct contacts among each other.

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